All movies get "circle of death" after update

Sine the new update my movies freeze right after I click. I get the “wheel of death” and the movie hangs. I’ve tried repowering, rebooting, logging out from iCloud and have run out of ideas. Everything ran perfect until the update. Please help!

What type of device are you streaming from?

Are you browsing using folders, or through the Library?

Can you check to see if the share is set up with a fixed IP address? This can be found in Settings > Shares > [share name] > Edit. If using a fixed IP address, and the source device is restarted or otherwise has the IP address changed then Infuse won’t be able to connect.

AppleTV 4K.
I map directories on my Synology DS2415+ to favorites and play from their or the system index “added lately” on the start screen.
No fixed IP and I can easily browse the DS2415+.
After the update I get the circle (buffering) after 6-7 seconds of play and then it hangs.
I have changed absolutely nothing and everything worked perfectly until the update. I really wish one could select to setp back one update.

I’ve got the same problem - it seemed to coincide with the release of TVOS 11.4.

Infuse worked perfectly until the update. I’ve got Plex running on a dedicated Windows server with a fixed IP address. The spinning circle just keeps on spinning until I reboot the ATV4.

I think that if I watched two shows consecutively, the second will start, but if I go away for 10 minutes and then try to watch it, then again I get the spinning wheel until I reboot.

I also lost the ‘favourites’ from my home screen - ie the icons for the particular areas of my Plex library such as TV shows or documentaries. Like your original poster, I have not changed anything on my system - really irritating at the moment - verging on the unusable (but I’m sure you’ll get it fixed).

Best wishes

Changing my Synology setup to SMB2 or higher from SMB1 made the trick. It’s still not as quick to start the movie as previously, but at least it does not buffer all the time anymore.

OK, please ignore my earlier comment.

I sat down to do some investigation tonight and discovered that a power cut a week ago had turned my router off and it hadn’t restarted and so my ATV was trying to connect over wireless.

Sorry for the false information given in my earlier post.

Great! Glad you are both back up and running. :slight_smile:

PS - If you have a Synology, you might consider giving NFS a try.

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