All metadatas wiped out

Hi guys!

I’m really pissed off right now, because all of my metadatas were wiped off because of " insufficient disk space " ( apple TV 4K ). It’s ok to lose all posters, but losing the view/unview status on aaaaaaall items is really frustrating.

It already happened to me last year. After some search, I read that it was the screensavers Aero, downloaded every days or weeks, that took a lot of space.

I reseted all the device, make a clean fresh install of infuse and disabled the auto download of screensavers.

Now it happened again, I checked the disk space and I have 46% free space left. So, sorry Infuse, but you had plenty of space to write some more metadatas before wiping everything :((

Is that a known issue?

Thanks for your support

AppleTV 4K 32Gb
Infuse Pro 7.3.8 ( 4068 )
Diagnostic code: HSFF2

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