All episodes listed as specials

I have a few tv shows that are shown normally, like all seasons are in one folder at th main screen.
Except one: it shows the five seasons individually, at the end of the screen. The only difference is that the episodes are sorted by numbers, like 1x1, 1x2.
The other shows are S01E01, S01E02.

Could that be why I have this problem?

Hope I did not speak Chinese, my native tongue is French.

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Can you provide an example (full) filename you are having trouble with? 1x1 is a supported naming style, but there may be something else going on.

For future reference, a list of the supported naming styles can be found here.

Same for me, and my native tongue is also French. My aTV is setup in French, but Infuse is configured to get metadata and subtitles in English. This started yesterday with the new update, and the change of database for metadata. Everything worked fine before.

Ex.: I have NCIS episodes, in English.
NCIS/Season 1/1x01.mp4 etc.

Now in Infuse, under NCIS, I only have one folder, called Specials, with all the files, and metadata is the same for each file. Consequently, “mark as read” doesn’t work as intended anymore either.

Same happens with Quantico, under the same naming system.

This is related to TMDb, I am positive, as before this update, everything worked as intended.

My only work around for now has been to disable metadata fetching, delete current metadata, and to switch to list mode (all of this sucks, for a paid software).

We’ve managed to replicate this here and are looking into a solution.

Sorry for the trouble, but we hope to have it fixed up soon.

Thank you for the answer.

I work around the problem and renamed the files (thanks to Path Finder, it was done very quickly) :wink:

I have the same problem. My file structures are as follows: Series Name > Season x > 1x01 Episode name.mkv etc.
I tried a test and if i rename the individual episodes by prefixing the Series Name (Series Name > Season x > Series Name 1x01 Episode name.mkv) it thens shows up properly, with the correct episode name and metadata.

Not sure when the last update to Firecore was, but I applied the latest tvOS update just prior to this happening. I can only presume that the application is not parsing the correct query to tvdb.

Any timescales on a fix or do we have to rename every file? :frowning:

We’ve tracked down the issue, and a fix will be available in 5.4.2 which should be out next week.

Thanks for your patience.

is path finder for Mac or windows?

We’ve just submitted Infuse 5.4.2 to Apple which includes a fix for this.

Thanks for your patience. :slight_smile:

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5.4.2 is rolling out on the App Store now. :slight_smile:

Mac, I don’t know if it exists for micro$oft

Version 5.4.2 is handling television shows differently for me then previous versions of Infuse Pro. I store tv shows in a folder by show and season. Prior to recent versions (may have been 5.4), when I selected TV_Shows folder all of the show and seasons would be displayed. Now I see season subdirectories. When I select a subdirectory, metadata is available and all episodes are correctly collapsed within the season so the files are being processed correctly, just not going the directory deep like prior versions did. This is consistent across TvOS and iOS devices. I haven’t modified file structure or naming. Up to this point I have have had consistent results across Infuse Pro 4 and 5 (I started using Infuse shortly after Apple TV 4 was released).

This is how I’ve named and organized the files:





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