All Collections appear in front of Movies

I’m running Jellyfin with Infuse as the front end and Apple TVs as media players. I have enabled collections on Jellyfin, and Infuse sure enough presents them to Infuse, both in the seperate “Collections” share, as well as in the “Movies” share, where they are actually located.

And this is where my problem is: All the collections in my “Movies” share, appear before of all the single movies. Is there a way to sort them alphabetically so that they are blending normally with the single movies? Wouldn’t this be more logical?

A couple of questions, what do you have set for “Sort Order” in Infuse preferences and second, do you by any chance have the movies in your collections already grouped together in folders on your server?

Hi @NC_Bullseye; tx for getting back to me. Sort Order is set to “Title” and each movie is placed in its own folder with the exact same name as the movie filename. I do not have nested, nor placed the “Collection” movies under any kind of logical grouping.

Just as a test, could you turn off Collections in the Infuse General settings and see what you get? You will have to use the “Collections” view in the Library under Movies to see collections and under the other sorts you’ll see individual movies. You can always make a favorite on the home screen for “Collections” from the library.

Turning “Collections” on or off, strangely does not seem to make any difference whatsoever in Infuse.

What surprises me even more, is that accessing my movies through the Library view, provides a correct output, with all the movies sorted by title.

I absolutely hate the Library view though and have it turned off by default, since I prefer having my media in different folders for TV Series, Documentaries, etc, which the Library view does not cater for. Instead, I have marked as favorites my shares for Movies, TV Series and Documentaries which provides a much better user experience.

If I could solve the collections sorting problem, Infuse would work ideally for me. Is this behaviour a bug we’ve uncovered?

You can set the Library All Movies as a favorite on the home screen and then have your share folders for TV and Docs each as favorites. You don’t have to use the entire library, you can choose individual filters for favorites.

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Clever, @NC_Bullseye ! Although this works just fine for me, if you don’t mind, I will not mark this as a solution because its a workaround. If we’ve discovered a bug, it’s best that @James knows about it so he can consider fixing it.

@James , I’m at your disposal if you need more details on how to reproduce the issue.

Thank you again @NC_Bullseye !


Sorry I can’t pursue this further, I don’t run any server software so I’m flying blind on things like this.

I’m just trying to figure out that if there’s no difference in the folders for movies in a collection and those not in collections what is deciphering what is a collection to put it at the top of your share list. I wonder if there’s some setting in Jellyfin that may have an affect on this.

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When you turn off collections in infuse (via Infuse → settings), the movies of a collection should appear as single movies in the library and as collection under collections. If Collections is turned on, the single movies will appear as a collection in library as well as und collections.

At least this is how it works here on my aTV using Emby as a backend

Don’t know jellyfish, but in Emby there is a Metadata setting for “Sorttitle” afaik this sort title is respected by infuse

So you are browsing your media via the “Share” view, right? In this case forget what I wrote before.

Infuse will show you the libraries as set up in Jellyfin. When you browse your Library in Jellyfin, doe you set by chance the collections ahead of the movies as well ?

Thx for helping @elchupete . No, I first setup the vast majority of movies in jellyfish and then I enabled the collections.

As to your previous posts, yes, I browsed my movies through my movies hared folder, but I just switched to library view just because it doesn’t have the same bug as the share.

Finally, all sorting options in Jellfin, for movies and collections both, are set to “Name”.

OK strange. When I browse via the share, I see the Emby Libraries as set up in Emby.

I have a movie library, that only shows me the movies, a tv show library, that shows TV shows and a Collections Library ( automatically created by Emby)

And no collection appears under Movies…

Well, that sounds like the way it should be. That’s what I would expect myself from my setup. I wouldn’t mind if the collections were also present in the Movies shared folder, just as long as they were in alphabetic order, along with all the other movies in my collection. Strange…

I believe collections will be treated as folders while browsing the share directly, and when using ‘Sort by Title’ folders will appear before movies.

What you can try is changing the Sort By option to Filename, as this should display a mixed file/folder view.

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You nailed it, @james ! Changing the Sort order from title to filename resolved everything, even in the shared folder level! Thanks to all that helped me out, guys!

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