All about 4.4.4 (3330) Jailbreak : Cannot get it to work. Help please

Hi All,


After scouring the intermerweb I cannot find any reference to anyone that has successfully jailbroken a 4.4.4.(3330) atv2.


Any pointers would be gratefully appreciated.


Currently when I jailbreak, it dfu’s fine but when restoring iTunes says it is the restore is not allowed. I have to then edit the host file and edit it to get it to stock restore.


Could be a whole case of “not today, move along move along”



Hi Bushers, I’m having issues installing JB for 4.4.4 as well.


Getting error 3194 (Apple TV could not be restored. An unknown error occurred) when iTunes attempts the restore.

Have applied suggested fixes with no joy;

"Error 3194, AppleTV is not eligible, etc…

Apple is no longer ‘signing’ the version of AppleTV software you are attempting to restore. Update to the latest version of Seas0nPass to jailbreak and install the latest AppleTV version.

If you’re certain the latest version of Seas0nPass is being used, adjusting your ‘hosts’ file as described below should resolve this issue."

Are there any mods here who can help?

I resolved my issues and have now installed the jailbreak as per Firecore instructions. The resolution was as follows;

  1. Used another computer, same OS (Win7) as previous attempts

  2. Completely removed AVG antivirus software

  3. Turned off all Windows 7 security features, Firewall (off), Internet Secuirty etc. (off)

  4. I created a new, blank iTunes library, when iTunes automatically opens to do the restore it now used the default directory in My Documents etc… Previously iTunes was connecting to a library on my NAS drive.

I hope this is useful to some of you struggling with the latest JB.