ALL 4k HDR media crashes iPad Pro

Whenever I play a 4k HDR mkv (doesn’t matter which one) on my iPad Pro, it plays for a around 10secs then the whole app completely crashes and I get kicked out to the iOS home page. It doesn’t matter if the file I’m playing is via plex or my synology NAS (smb set to legacy or auto and no transport encryption). Still does the same everytime. On my iPhone 7s plus, it doesn’t do this and works flawlessly.

I’ve tried rebooting my iPad several times and running Infuse as the first app after reboot. Not sure what’s going on.

Running iOS 12.0.1

Help! Thank you :slight_smile:

You might want to submit a diagnostic report from the settings after it crashes on the iPad. That may help Firecore figure out whats going on.

Me too.
4K HDR always crashing.
Full HD-s are OK.
Ipad pro, ios 12.1 (since ios12 has got this problem)

We’d love to look into what may be going on here.

If this happens again, can you send in a report from your device using the ‘Email Us’ option (this will also automatically open a support ticket for you as well). Troubleshooting and Getting Support – Firecore