Aliyun cloud drive

Chinese users really need Alibaba Cloud Disk. When will they be able to support Alibaba Cloud Disk? Thank you very much for your reply!

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How is this feature currently progressing? Can you provide a scheduled time

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Yes,at first you said it will come up at may.Can you tell me how it is going?And the time we can use aloyin cloud?

7.5.x (in progress)

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You can always check the current roadmap for when features will tentatively be released here.

请问一下接下来7.5.*的更新中 会支持aliyun等更多网盘么 大概什么时候可以推送更新呢


Really hope that Aliyun Cloud could be supported in 7.6.X ! Thank you!

Hope this can be resolved as soon as possible. Apps of the same type already have this function, such as fileball and other products developed by Chinese developers. Some users in China have already started using them. so please come on.

We are currently working to implement this into Infuse.

Developing for Chinese services outside of China is challenging, so this taking a bit longer than some other US-based cloud services.

Thank you so much. We really need this function so much that it will even affect the choice in the same type of app.

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希望可以增加阿里云盘,夸克网盘和 115 网盘的支持

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Hope to add support for Alibaba cloud disk, quark network disk and 115 network disk

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When can China support Alibaba cloud disk and Baidu network disk directly import like fileball? In this regard, Chinese users really need it.

This thread is for adding Aliyun cloud support. There are individual threads for some of the others that you’ll need to add your support to if you wish.

Also please post in English so that more users can follow your posts. :wink:

Aliyun Drive is now available for beta testing. If you are interested in trying this you can join the TestFlight group here (limited testing slots available).

阿里云硬盘现已开放内测。 如果您有兴趣尝试此操作,可以加入此处的 TestFlight 小组(可用的测试时段有限)。

Already installed and used。Tks

james via Firecore <> 于2023年8月15日周二 00:14写道:

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A number of additional slots have been added to the TestFlight group linked above.

Thanks for testing. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi, since AliCloudDisk app has been updated in version 4.9, the root directory has become two storage disks: backup disk and resource disk, due to some unknown reasons different people’s stuffs will be put in different storage disks, and AliCloudDisk doesn’t support to move the files randomly within these two storage disks. Can infuse’s AliCloudDisk driver support selecting backup disk and resource disk? For example, my videos are on the resource disk, if the default directory is only the backup disk, I won’t be able to see my content on AliCloud Disk on infuse? If it’s not supported now, I hope it will be supported in the official version. Thanks :pray:.

The picture above is in the software. It has a resource disk and a backup disk.

The picture above is the picture of Alist’s Aliyunpan open , which supports the selection of these two different storage disks.