Align subtitles with bottom of video

It would be nice to have the option to align the subtitles to the bottom of the current video instead of bottom of the screen. It is hard for the eyes  to move them down to the black bar to read the subtitle at the bottom of the screen and the up again to watch the video.

Can I ask what type of subtitles you are using?

Alignment is actually available for subtitles downloaded from within Infuse, as well as some embedded subtitle types. The alignment option can be found in the Playback menu (tap gear icon while a video is playing). However, some embedded subtitles have their placement hardcoded into the video, and cannot be moved.

Sorry I feel myself a bit stupid right now, I have actually been in the settings and changed the font, but I didn't see that I could scroll the options, I'm not the biggest fan of Apples new flat design :-)

I can see that I can move the subtitles up in 5 positions, so I would still suggest an option where the subtitles follow the bottom of the video automatically when you see videos with different PAR's.

I feel like this would be an excellent addition especially now that there is Infuse for tvOS. When switching between content with aspect ratios of 16:9 and 2:35 or something that’s not quite either you have to adjust the subtitle position each time so the text is not part in the picture and part in the black borders. An extra option to have the subtitle just above the bottom edge of the video would be perfect.