Alexa Skill

Do you have any plans on creating n Alexa skill for apple TV?


Would this even work? Infuse is a local app and doesn’t have a cloud infrastructure to interface with.

There are ways to make it work I suppose. I am currently doing it with kodi using a 3rd party plugin which connects it to aws lambda functions.

I say “alexa play movie name” or “alexa play tv show name” and it continues from where I left off.

But infuse has a much better and simpler interface, so I prefer it.

Already running here in the Suggestions forum infuse alexa skill

That was a suggestion. I’m actually asking if there are any plans on implementing something like this.

Home automation and alexa are becoming an important part of making every day life just a little bit easier, and a whole lot more efficient. Right now I have a toddler and an elderly person actually using Alexa to see the next episode of their favorite TV show on KODI.

My infuse subscription is paid for another year, but an Alexa skill will be the deciding factor if it will be renewed or not. I want to use Infuse but I can’t because there’s no skill. Hence the question, if there are plans on implementing one.

I’ve seen the plugin for kodi but afaik kodi isn’t available for AppleTV. I’ve checked MrMC and while a plug-in exists on android the same is not true for Apple. It may be technically possible through a jailbreak but I’m wondering if Apple has limitations in place to prevent third party voice platforms from integrating with its products.

I’m not running KODI on Apple TV. I’m running it on a RaspberryPi. I completely removed Apple TV from my Home Cinema. But as soon as there’s an alexa skill for Infuse, the Raspberry Pi is gone.

And currently this isn’t specified for the near future. You can track new features planned here Upcoming Features (updated 5/12/20)

If you want to promote this as an addition to Infuse the suggestion thread is meant to show how much interest there is in a specific desired feature. Also it’s where the discussions get the most traffic.