Alexa and Infuse integration??

Hello infuse team. I saw that plex has decided to work together. Is Infuse implementer with alexa or is there any plans to do so? I dont use plex because I don’t want all the server software and all the transcoding issues across devices…But i really want the feature…

Since Amazon developed the Fire media player in direct competition with Apple TV, removed almost all of the Apple products from their site and pulled their Prime video apps from the iOS arena and are just now contemplating re-releasing an amazon prime app I doubt if there is a snowball’s chance of seeing Alexa on an Apple product.

Siri is a far more likely candidate.

Not speaking for Firecore in ANY way, just a guess based on history.

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Can you explain how you want to use Alexa with infuse ?

Yes i would like to use it like
“alexa open infuse”
“alexa play season 4 episode 10 of prison break”

and you get the picture.
Plex have already made theirs.

and i prefer the infuse part so im curious if whether or now the Infuse team have any plans on integrating this.

i know the “problem” with amazon and apple in the past, but this part can be made by Infuse themselves.

Probably your best and only chance

Anybody from the firecore team??

Since plex can implement On the Alexa and have it work on all their “plex” devices I would guess there is no Apple/amazon war that could be a brake on firecore/infuse implementation

Any chance of this happening?