airtunes from atv to an airport express ? (or many)

I think this will be the ultimate feature!

Imagine: airport express connected to outdoor speakers, a 5:1 stereo system in the house, or anything (or more than one airport express), and all movies (their sounds), music etc playing through it FROM the atv ? (w/o computer being turned on)

Possible by a hack ? I think it is, after all it seems that the underlying leopard could “find” the airport express through a menu to play the sound, right ?

Any work started on that, even in beta ? Would be glad to test!


Um, you would have to talk to the people who created Airfoil. I’m not sure how well the developers of aTV Flash know the ins and outs of every OS X feature, but this just seems like a tall order. I guess it could be possible to try and get Airfoil to work on the AppleTV, but then we would probably need that developers permission. I like the idea and it would be great, I just don’t see this happening any time soon. If we had a normal OS X installed in the AppleTV then I’m sure it could happen. But this is just my opinion and I am not a developer so I have no real experience with trying accomplish this. :?


I just send them a quick email, but I guess you are right …

One thing that bugs me, is that on the remote app, my computers and their library’s can choose what “speakers” to send to ; but when i use the remote with the atv, no speaker choices (ie computer or airport express …)

Kind of a bad choice to have forgotten that from the apple developers!

How well, we will see!



Here is what they replied to me:

"Hi Sebastien,
Unfortunately, the AppleTV doesn’t have any opportunities for development. As such, we have no plans for developing Airfoil for the AppleTV.


Paul Kafasis
Rogue Amoeba Software, LLC

Do one of you guys want to ask them if someone could modify their soft to make it work thought the atv ?


At least they replied to you. I’ll look into some things, maybe there’s a bunch of open source guys that are trying to do all this. There are NAS drives out there that have built-in iTunes streaming, so you never know.

As of today Apple added this feature to ATV, weeeee, gotta love it

No way!

yeah, but the downside, is that it will break the flash …

what to do, what to do!