Airport Time Capsule

Hi I’ve got a Airport Time Capsule (ATC) 3TB that I use to stream movies with the Infuse app. It’s getting full so I wanted to use the USB port on the Airport Time Capsule to hook up a USB stick. My question is my windows 10 box can see it as a separate drive then my (ATC). How do I get Infuse to recognized the drive?

Have you enabled file sharing for the external drive using the Airport Time Capsule utility?

Thx for the quick reply, just checked now only see my ATC and not the 32gb USB key plugged into the ATC how would I enable sharing in that?

I don’t have a Time Capsule but it appears that you need to set things up with the Airport Utility.

I found this that may be what you need to get you started in the right direction Share a USB hard disk on your network in AirPort Utility on Mac - Apple Support

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I got things working, thank you so much for your help ??:v:

Outstanding! Glad it all came together for you.

Now don’t blame me when you binge watch the world and fall asleep when you shouldn’t. :wink:

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