Airport Extreme with attached Storage or Time Capsule

Which of the two would be the better choice? Any help choosing would be much appreciated.



Don’t think it makes much difference. I use Time Capsule with attached storage and have no problems.

Thanks, I went with the Time Capsule and have it working great with ATV2, but for the life of me I cannot see my existing Media Server (smb) on my Macbook or PC.  Therefore I am unable to transfer my movies to the Time Capsule.


Dumb me, all I had to do was reset the switch I have in line and all is well.  I have noticed though, if you haven’t accessed the Time Capsule with (Media Player) for a period of time you will get an error when you first try to access it, is this normal? I think it has to do with having to wake up the hard drive before you can access.  Any thoughts?


How do you get your Apple TV2 to connect to time machine or airport extreme with hard drive attached?


I assume the AE is your main wi-fi hub for your Mac/PC, you have a hard drive attached to the AE and your Apple TV uses the same network. Once you’ve installed aTV Flash you should find the hard drive under Media/MyFiles/Airport Extreme (or whatever you’ve called it). 

Just to make sure Apple TV can find your hard drive, open Finder/Windows Explorer and open the folder. Like the person above pointed out, you can occasionally get connection error but just retry.


I have an Apple Time Machine which is a router/external hard drive.  I assume it should work the same.   


I meant Time Capsule


Yep, that’s actually what I use. It will identify the Time Capsule HD and any HDs you may have attached to it.

The ATV will give an error when the external storage on the Time Capsule or AirPort Extreme is not spinning (so hitting a folder another time 5 sec later won’t give an error).

This is also an issue in the middle of a movie when you pause the movie and come back after a while. The Media app will give an error and you’ll have to go back to the main menu and restart the Media app to hit resume.