Airport Extreme + USB disks vs NAS setup

I currently have two USB disks connected to my Airport Extreme, which connects wirelessly to my ATV2 running aTV Flash (black). It’s working pretty well, except for the fact that it can take quite a long time for the disks to power up after being in active, which often results in timeouts. When it’s up and running, though, i’m streaming 720p MKV files with no buffering.  

Now, for a few different reasons i’ve been thinking about getting a NAS which i intend to use for wireless backup and storage. So my question is, would a NAS (set to RADI 1) have the same problem with spin up times? If not, would it be noticeably faster?

Any input appreciated.

I have a Time Capsule which I used as a NAS for my Apple TV (2nd gen). Worked like a charm, but I also noticed it needed a moment (between 3-10 seconds) of waking up when you first start.

Now, since then, I bought a Synology DS-213J with 2x2TB in mirror raid. It’s hooked up directly to my Time Capsule, which means I can also access it via my ATV and use it as a Mediacenter NAS. I think áll NAS-systems need a few seconds to wake up when being accessed, so that is something you simply have to live with I’m afraid :slight_smile: All NAS systems usually put themselves to sleep after a certain amount of not being used. Both to save electricity ánd to save your HD’s from spinning unnessecarily (and thus preventing it from dying prematurely). As far as playback of media goes though, both my Time Capsule and Synology have a similar speed when playing my media. I can’t notice any difference and/or choppyness at all. And both connect to my ATV via wifi.

Some NAS systems have the option of turning off this sleep mode, although I personally wouldn’t advise it. :slight_smile:

Hope this answer helps though :slight_smile:

That’s actually really helpful since the Synology NAS you have is just the model i was thinking of buying. I guess i’ll just have to live with the spin-up times. Thanks for the help!

I believe you can prevent most NAS boxes from going to sleep. But I would rather live with waiting a few seconds for spin up that paying more money on my electric bill.

Patience is a virtue!