Airport Extreme and External Harddrives

I have two external harddrives connected to an Airport Extreme basestation.  When my main computer is off, the files on these two harddrives are still available to my iPad via wireless.  


Will I be able to access movies on these harddrives from the black AppleTV using aTV Flash even with my main computer turned off?


I really don't want to have my main computer on anytime I want to watch a movie...


Thanks for any information,



Austin, TX

Yes, the  'Media Player' feature included in aTV Flash (black) will allow you to stream media directly from NAS drives, like the pair you have connected to your Airport Extreme.

Basically you would setup a 'share' that would allow the AppleTV to connect to the Airport Extreme. Once connected, any contents on the attached drives will be accessible on the AppleTV.

Thanks James!   Great to hear it. 

Would this work on any router w/ a usb port ?

It depends on the router, but as long as it can share a drive via AFP or SMB it should work just fine.