AirPods Max headphones question

Just kind of shooting the breeze here…

Does anyone actually own these and what can I expect? Do they really give the effect of throwing sound around the room? (reviews seem mostly positive)
I live in a houseshare but often have an urge to watch action movies late at night and have to really tone down the volume of my Samsung soundbar with rear wireless speakers.

Now infuse supports spatial audio it has really piqued my curiosity. Paying £400-500 for a pair of headphones is a stretch of my budget but doable.

All opinions are welcome be they positive or negative and thanks in advance.

Yes - AirPods Max (for me at least) have exceeded my expectations - absolutely the best surround sound headphone experience I have heard. It’s uncanny. I fully expected spatial audio to be something of a gimmick, but that’s not the case at all.

The other feature I love is the so called “Spatialised Stereo” which was introduced with iOS 15. This takes any stereo source and enhances it. Again, I expected a gimmick, but so far it’s superb for music, and works with any source (not just Apple Music!). It really opens up the soundstage - so much so that straight stereo now sounds flat! I am sure audiophiles will disagree, but when music sounds this good I simply don’t care.

If you do get the AirPods Max, it is worth looking at the Headphone Accommodations settings in iOS, as this can help with the EQ. I use the vocal setting with a slight boost (improves the tuning in the midrange to my liking).


Thanks so much for this.
I think I’m gonna go ahead.

I don’t think you’ll regret it, but of course with Apple you do get that no quibble 14 days to try them out :+1:t3:

Or Amazon, where they are usually cheaper than Apple and get 30 days

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