Airpod Max, ATV4k and Atmos lip sync

Infuse Pro 7.6.3, LG 77" CX OLED tv, Airpod Max headphones (latest firmware), ATV4k A1842 Gen 1 (32GB) on tvOS 17.1, using Webdav/RD streams.

Issue: Cant play Atmos streams normally. And if i do, there is a lip sync issue.

-If I play Atmos movies thru the Airpod Max headphones/ATV4K thru Netflix, Disney+ apps etc… no issues playing Atmos movies. Everything works great.
-If I have my headphones on and start playing movies thru Infuse/Webdav/RD streams, I get Multichannel only on Atmos movies. There is no lipsync issues playing Multichannel.
-To get ATMOS, I can trick the system by starting the movie, the LG CX Shows Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos badges in the upper right corner and then putting my headphones on after the movie starts. At this point if I go into the headphone control panel it shows Dolby Atmos thru Infuse. BUT…I get a lip sync issue. If I pause the movie or fast forward, I lose the Atmos lock and it reverts back to Multichannel.

Any suggestions?

Anyone else seeign this behavior?