AirPlaying HEVC from Mac to ATV Audio only no Video

Fixed black screen for certain HEVC videos

Mainly use the Apple TV version … no issues whatsoever with the “pick and mix” assortment of formats it picks up from my libraries and folders. It certainly is “Elegant” … and invaluable!!

My query (for @James, if possible) is the HEVC issue that affected the macOS versions (audio only playback). Just updated to 7.6 and it’s still present: Not a black screen, just no video playback at all. Tried a variety of 265 files and every one only casts the sound to Apple TV. And the video carries on playing in the macOS app.

Tried Quicktime and Fig Player - both cast ok to ATV with the same HEVC files? Am I missing a trick (in the settings, perhaps?).

Just wanting to clarify, you’re using Infuse on the Mac to cast to an Apple TV?

Yes mate! … thanks for the reply.

The black screen doesn’t apply, really? The video simply doesn’t want to cast. I just have whatever default screen my Apple TV last used, with the audio playing in the background. The video just carries on playing in the desktop app instead of showing a still screen.

Not a biggie! really … just curious?

Apologies for posting in the wrong place … just tagged it to the Release Notes in the OP.


  • Fixed black screen for certain HEVC videos
  • Fixed audio sync for certain files

Ok, I moved this to a new topic. First, why not use Infuse on the ATV instead of casting to it. Second are you using google cast instead of AirPlay?

Been a while since I used Discourse (elsewhere) … but no flies on you though!

I do mainly … use a desktop app as a shortcut occasionally if I’m just working on the MBPro - rather than open the ATV first. It would make a handy backup, though.

Using the Airplay (ATV) icon in the Infuse app. Just seemed odd … like the “handshake” was being rejected - for the (256) video?

Okay, I’m still a bit new to Infuse on the Mac. Where is the Airplay icon in Infuse on the mac?

Also this users guide may help with airplay.

Infuse (desktop) app works ok with 264 video format.

Did you try using “mirroring” instead of the airplay like the users guide suggested?

No, “mirroring” is bad … feels like you’re watching a CAM version. Not worth considering as an option (for movies/series).

Here’s Quicktime with the same 256 (file) …

Just the hold screen showing as it plays.

Native AirPlay is not currently available for HEVC videos, but you can follow this thread for updates.

Thanks for replying to my query, James … appreciated.

By native did you mean macOS … Apple TV 4th and 5th Gen supports it?

I don’t think QuickTime Player can transcode on the fly … but it will play HEVC from it’s own container format?

For 1080p (macOS) it is … just change the MKV container for M4v (it only takes seconds). Airplay with QuickTime.

Native meaning direct, without having to enable mirroring.

Mirroring is also an option which will support any video type, but this isn’t really considered native.