Airplaying 4K HDR video to 1080p Fire TV stick (via Airreceiver) - How is that possible??

This is a technical curiosity. I have installed Airreceiver on my Fire TV Stick and I tried to see if it worked with Infuse. Choosing to mirror the iPhone/iPad it does indeed!

So I tried to play a 4K HDR 2160p video on my Fire TV. Which is 1080p and no HEVC. And it played. Quite fluidly I must say. How is that possible?? Who’s doing the conversion? Which, btw, is seamless, not like with Plex frying the CPU of my MacBook Pro 13" 2015.

It felt like… MAGIC! :smiley:

Airplay is a rendered stream much like doing a Remote Desktop session to a computer. The video file is rendered on your phone and then sent as a rendered stream to your airplay receiver.

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So it gets first rendered on my iPhone XR, which supports 4K HEVC (or so I think) and then streamed via LAN to my FireTV? Does it consume much battery on the iPhone? I thought Airplay, like Google cast, was sending an URL to the video/media (unless of mirroring, that, when in Android, requires the phone display to stay on).

Battery life would be reduced. The casting only works with some media (mostly iTunes content). Some info is lost during airplay most notably HDR metadata. Basically if you can avoid airplay it’s best to stream natively.