Airplaying 4K HDR content to an Apple TV 4K


Ive tried researching this but im having a really hard time finding answers.

In short, i just want to know what the limitations are of airplaying a 4K HDR HEVC mkv file from the latest infuse app on iphone X, to an apple TV 4K. Will the apple TV output a true 4K HDR video stream or is it downscaled to 1080?

I realise its probably better to stream from a dedicated media server, but im still interested in knowing the answer to the above.


I just tried from an iPhone Xs to an Apple TV 4K and it looks like airplay does not support HDR.

Thanks for the reply. Did you happen to see whether the resolution was still 4K or was it downscaled to 1080?

I believe airplay video is limited to 1080p however I don’t really know how to verify this as the AppleTV 4K upscale everything to 4K resolution.