Wow: sure is a cool feature!


Worth waiting a little bit longer for the next jailbreak beta...

It is cool but I am starting to question its usefulness- I find my self wanting to go back to the jaibroke aTV 4.0 and have plex back on there, as the airplay doesn't add any functionality really. When it was released I was pissed that it wasn't available for 3rd party apps, but I jb my ipad and enabled airplay for all apps, and now realize it just isn't ready for primetime. Most 3rd party apps fail after about a minute of airplaying. AirVideo and Plex will only airplay mp4's- so pretty pointless, and eyeTV fails after 1 minute, and when they are working you cant exit the app. Safari vids airplay perfectly, which makes sense as it is not 3rd party, but other than that airplay doesent really add anything to the aTV that isnt already on there.

I wouldn't get too excited about airplay until apple officially supports 3rd party apps cause they prob wont work well until then- but I hope I am wrong!


Same here and this is why I downgraded to 4.1 to get Plex back. 

For some reason Airplay works better on iPhone than iPad. Also, Air Video app works with Live Conversion of any format, however, you need to give it some head start before sending the stream to ATV or it will fail. Try running Live Conversion, pausing it, then resuming and only then sending it to ATV. 

Sweet- that would be huge if this trick works- thanks!


AirPlay works extremely well for me on the iPhone 3GS. I’ve watched many AirVideo programs with live conversion all the way through with no hiccups at all. For me, it was worth losing the jailbreak and access to aTV Flash for awhile.

The iPad is a different story entirely. First, it’s a tethered jailbreak, which is a pain. Second, Airplay is very flakey on the iPad (jailbroken or not). The button just randomly disappears, and once it’s gone, the only way I’ve found to get it back is to toggle wifi off and back on, or reboot.

But if like me, you were using Plex to get access to your non-mp4 video on the ATV, upgrading to Airplay and using a jailbroken phone with the AirVideoEnabler from Cydia is a great alternative.