Airplay to Airreceiver (Android TV/FireOS) with subtitles?

I am using AirReceiver in both my FireTV Stick and Bravia Android TV (not really on the latter since it is connected to my ATV 4K). I am quite positive that when I tested it on my FireTV few months ago Infuse was able to send the subtitles together with the video. So much that I though I could abandon Plex for good.

Last night I tried to Airplay a TV show, the video was playing just fine, it can even be controlled by the FireTV remote, but the subs weren’t there. There is an icon for subs on the video menu, but clicking on it it looks for subtitles in the FireTV’s internal “SD card” (the internal flash memory).Same thing on my Bravia. I am quite sure AirReceiver didn’t receive any update (it’s the same release of when I first tested it).

Ah, I have iOS 13 beta 2 on my iPhone, although I doubt it matters (at least Airplaying to Apple TV the subs are there).

Is it something that can be fixed/added on Infuse side? I do understand it’s via a 3rd party app, but again I am quite sure it worked.

What type of subtitles are you using?

Generally, text-based subs like .SRT can be used when streaming via AirPlay and Google Cast, but graphic-based subs like those found on DVD and Blu-ray discs won’t be available.

Hi James,

they are simple SRT subs, both internal and external (I have Plex with a plugin adding extra subs in the videos folders). Both subs work airplaying to ATV 4K.

PS: Now Infuse is also crashing on iPhone (iOS 13) when switching the device from my TV I use for testing back to the iPhone itself. This with a 4K HDR movie. - It crashed restarting from scratch as well, but I see the Screen Mirroring control was still blue showing my TV’s name.
PPS: Blank screen on iPhone with the same movie above. But I do see the subs on iPhone! I am starting to believe that being iOS 13 beta does matter… - Same after restarting the iPhone. I have just started Infuse and played the movie. Black screen but with subs… Should I open a new thread for it?
PPPS: Still another 4K HDR video is Airplaying to my TV (no subs) - Sorry for the mess, but this kinda of just exploded in my face, although I guess Airplay is far from stable right now (with macOS Catalina for example the image I get airplayed to ATV is small and blurry. It was just fine before going beta).

Early betas on the Apple devices; the problems could be fixed with later beta updates… additionally air receiver might require an update as well

Yeah, I was thinking about waiting indeed. Too unstable. Too bad about the subs because when it works the video and the controls are fantastic. Much faster than via the FireTV’s Plex app.