Airplay to Airport Express Speakers


I love your apps but I’m having a really hard time since between your two apps I just can’t get to 100% joy!

With Version 5.20 of the AppleTV firmware we gained the ability to output audio to Airport Express speakers but for whatever reason Infuse for AppleTV isn’t working!

When will this bug be fixed? I saw that several other users have reported it as late as June of this year. It isn’t a suggestion, it’s a bug!

Since I can’t stream my video collection without first downloading it onto my iPad the Infuse iPad app is also unusable.


PLEASE, could you fix this soon? Between not being able to use your software with anything later than 5.20, not having audio go to my aiport speakers and not being able to use Infuse IOS to stream movies from my NAS I’m 0 for 3.



Hi Rob !

I haven’t seen your post, so I think I doubled post… Sorry admin !
Have you do something since novembre 2013 ??
Did you succeed making it work ??