AirPlay streaming of mkv files on iPhone 4/4s and iPad 2


I’ve tried the free version which seems great, however my main reason for using it will be to AirPlay to an Apple TV (3rd generation).

Before I pay for the Pro version though I just wanted to check that I will be able to play streamed .mkv and .mp4 videos smoothly over AirPlay from iPhone 4/4s and iPad 2. It would be great if someone using one of those could let me know if video plays smoothly.


Yes, Infuse supports native AirPlay for just about any h.264 video, whether they are in a mkv, mp4, avi, or some other container.

If you’re seeing a purchase prompt when attempting to activate AirPlay, that indicates that particular video will be streamed over native AirPlay, which will provide a great experience.