Airplay stopped working on Apple Tv app

Hi, I’ve been using the Infuse app on my new Apple TV 4 for about 2 weeks. I have the Apple TV configured to output the audio through Airplay to speakers attached to an Airport Express. This configuration was working very well until only a few days ago. Now, I can no longer use Infuse with Airplay is enabled. If I configure Airplay to just play to local speakers on the TV, Infuse plays media files no problem. As soon as I select my Airport Express setup, the app just waits forever trying to start the media file. All other apps on the Apple TV (eg Netflex and YouTube) still work with Airplay, so I am sure it is not a problem with my Airplay setup. I also reinstalled the Infuse app, but no change.

I see that there was an update to the Infuse app on 1/14. Could that have introduced a fault with the use of Airplay?


It’s been fixed with 4.0.3, thanks!

Great! :slight_smile: