Airplay stopped working from iPad to Apple TV+

For more than a 2 years in played hundreds of movies/series on my iPad Pro in Infuse, Airplayed to Apple TV+, watching on 42" Samsung, 98% of them worked. Today is 0%.

I moved a year ago, no issues, everything worked the same.

I moved again 4 months ago, same set up, Airplay doesn’t work anymore, only audio. Not a single one of my videos play on the TV anymore. Updated Apple TV+, factory reset. Nothing helped.
I’m not interested in mirroring, YouTube casting works.
Infuse Airplay doesn’t work.

Streaming from cloud works fine. I don’t want to use that.
From iPad drive to Apple TV+ fails every time. I’m disappointed, I updated, resetted, nothing helps.
Please advise

Customer service couldn’t help.

AirPlay is limited to certain formats, and playing others can only be done through AirPlay mirroring.

If you have an Apple TV, you may be better served by installing Infuse on that device as that will allow you to stream all video formats.

This setup worked for 2 years.

Today NONE of those videos stored on iPad can be Airplay-ed to Apple TV.

If you’re able to upload one of the files you are having trouble playing over AirPlay we can take a look.

I have the same issue. For 2 years I streamed videos stored on iPad, played on iPad Infuse onto Apple 4k+ device, with 98% success rate.
In the last 6 months I can stream 0% of my videos. No server, no mirror. I want the Airplay working again.

Have you done as requested and uploaded one of the videos that you are having trouble playing over airplay?

I did. I uploaded and old video, so there’s no new unknown codec. There isn’t a single file that would play anymore.
And I updated and updated again. The iPad, the Infusion.
I’m looking for a new approach.
Could it be the WiFi?