AirPlay sound


Would like to use AirPlay to my AirPlay speaker when watching a movie.

It works in Apple Movies, but while playing with Infuse and AirPlay down to the AirPlay speaker, the movie never starts - disable airplay, movie starts right away ?

Airplay sound “works” for me — However the sound is delayed by 2s so everything is unwatchable.
Other apps I’ve been using (Plex, Netflix) appear to delay the video to the audio and it syncs just fine.

Let me know if I can give better detail about this —

Strange, does not work @me.

AirPlay, U use it from the “real” ATV setting right ? Can’t find anything in the inFuse app

Yep — Swipe up (or down, whatever it is) to reveal the top menu, choose audio, then choose the airplay device.

Works, but with a 2s delay. Otherwise playback seems ok.