Airplay Problems

When I enable Airplay during a video, the application may do multiple things wrong depending on the file:

  1. The sound will play with no video
  2. The application will freeze
  3. If video appears, it will be out of sync with the audio track by about 2 seconds

I have already disabled Dolby Digital over Airplay and it does not help.

What can I do?

I should point out that I am simply trying to stream the audio to an Airport Express hooked up to speakers or another Airplay device. I am not using an Apple TV. I am on iOS 8.1

I just downloaded the new update (3.0.1) that came in this morning and it did not address any of the issues above.


Infuse does not yet support audio-only AirPlay, but it’s something we’re planning to add soon.

Any update on this James? Streaming audio over AirPlay was the only reason I was induced to pay for the Pro version.

Never mind . . . posting elsewhere.