Airplay problems, Music App and Infuse conflicting

When I'm watching a movie on my aTV3 and Infuse on my iPhone. After about 15+ minutes into any movie, it starts to lag what I'm watching, dropped frames, skips in audio etc. I pause my movie, and I swipe up to control center, it says I'm listening to an MP3? I have to open Music App and close it; and then my movie plays fine (and Control Center says 'm watching my movie and not an MP3). Whats going on with this? 

bumping this post... I have an iPhone 4s, 64GB... But after deleting ALL my music from my phone most  movies play flawlessly, except when they go above the 2500mbps data rate... but If I lower it it plays fine... a bit sad that no one from the community or FC has a response to this...

Hmm, interesting.

Any chance this is a jailbroken phone?

Non jailbroken devices. All running up to date iOS softwares and Infuse. In another thread I posted I updated saying that I had to delete all my music to keep the Music app from playing and lagging me.

And another problem or question was whats the ideal data rate for movies to be streamed.