AirPlay over speakers doesn’t work


I have the latest infuse (5.5.2) and iOS 11.
When I want to play video on my iPad but I choose my airplay speaker, the iPad video shows only a background screen “now playing on [speaker name]”.
That’s very annoying, however Plex works. That’s why maybe this is an infuse bug.

Any update?

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I have this issue too. It stops Infuse from becoming the best media player out there. It seems very strange to me that just about every other iOS app on the market can use AirPlay to stream audio to an Airport Express or AirPlay speakers.

For me, it’s something I would have thought would have been a necessary function from the very beginning. The developer says this function isn’t supported. How come Google Drive, Dropbox and Synology apps all stream video and can send audio to AirPlay?

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I have the same issue. Problem description can be better though. Airplay over speakers works just fine. The problem is that Infuse doesn’t reconise when an Airplay device is audio-only (like an Airport Express) and tries to sent the videostream via Airplay as well (like to an AppleTV). So there is no way of watching the actual video content because the iPad/iPhone screen doesn’t show the video content anymore.

Can you guys please fix this bug asap?

My usecase:
I have a steambath at home and like to watch movies or series on my iPad in there. I put my iPad in a waterproof case which blocks almost all the sound coming from the iPad. My steambath has build in (waterproof) speakers and I hooked up an Airport Express to them. So I can sent the sound to the speakers and here everything just fine. Unfortunately this bug prevents my from watching videos in this scenario.

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Streaming audio via AirPlay while keeping the video on iPhone/iPad is a feature we have on our wishlist to look into for a future update.