Airplay only via AirplayMirroring

Both on my iPhone and my iPad, when touching the Airplay button in Infuse, an Info-Bubble appears saying that I should enable AirplayMirroring.
Last week I had not to do this - Airplay worked without mirroring my screen.
The problem with mirroring the screen is, that I cannot standby my iPhone while watching a movie… That’s annoying.

In all other apps, Airplay works just fine.

Is there a fix for that?

Infuse version 4.3.6
iPhone: iOS 10
iPad: iOS 9

Cheers and thank you

Whether or not you can use AirPlay or AirPlayMirroring depends on the content of the video file being played.

My understanding is that if the video is in a format that iOS supports natively, such as h264, then you can use AirPlay. However if the video needs to be processed by Infuse itself because it is a format that iOS does not natively support then you have to use AirPlayMirroring.