Just wanted to echo to everyone that you can get AIRPLAY to work on your older ATV generation I, via the REMOTE HD application. Seems to work fine on any of my AIRPLAY capable apps resident on my IPHONE.


I’ve had mixed sucess with AppleTV 1 / RemoteHD combo. The default Apple Apps (you tube, Videos)  seem to work - (tho there’s really no point)., But I’ve have very limited success with 3rd party Apps that supposedly support AirPlay.

Specifically: IMDB Works (at least it plays the Videos embedded in the Web Pages) Same for “History of Jazz” (well worth it by the by). But: NO Luck with GolfPlan or PBS App (in fact I get a message on screen which says:

"The selected video cannot be played

The format was not recognized."  I’m guessing that the vids are in HTML 5 (PBS uses Flash on it’s website - but obviously wouldn’t use that on its iPad App)

Must say I am VERY confused about the RemoteHD/Airplay Combo. WHY is RemoteHD needed (I have to move out of the app to use the others)

It’s certainly better than nothing, but it’s pretty expensive downloading certain Apps just hoping they’ll work with ATV1.

I"d love to here from anyone else about which Apps have worked for you (iPhone or iPad)

Just my 2 cents