Airplay on ATV1 from Android - almost working, please help with last hurdle!

Hi Team. I have installed FireCore on my Apple TVs (Version 1), and I can now stream photos and videos successfully from my iPad, and iPhone 4, I am now trying to do the same thing from my Android  (Samsung Galaxy S2) … using a piece of software called DoubleTwist on the Android that allows Android to use Airplay. So the good part is … when I run DoubleTwist, and I try share a photo over AirPlay … I do see the name of my AppleTV including the “-RHD”. However when I try use it … the Android says “connecting …” and then never does anything.


I wonder if anyone can help with this? It would be SO COOL to share photos from my Android the same way my better half can from her iPhone :slight_smile:


Thanks - steinsoz