AirPlay offline content in iOS infuse app to Apple TV without internet connection

why can’t I play offline video I downloaded to / with iOS infuse app
via airplay mirror to Apple TV 4 without a real internet connection
Screen mirrors but video don’t play

Trying to use infuse on iPhone to play offline video to an Apple TV 4 in my car

Is no more direct play(office mode) ?

Bacuse AirPlay requires an internet connection, how else would it be able to transfer the data?

No airplay don’t require internet anymore. Try it with Netflix
Yes Iphone wifi off using LTE AND forget all wifi on Apple TV
Then choose Apple TV airplay by swiping up on home screen tapping airplay

You will be able to airplay video from most apps but not infuse

Remember these are videos that I downloaded from my NAS into infuse to play offline
Even more of a reason they should play but they don’t

First, you’d probably get better answers if you placed this in the iOS Infuse forum instead of the tvOS section since your using iOS Infuse.

What type of video are you unable to play? Is it one you purchased in iTunes by any chance?.

Can you play that same video with any other app and airplay it to ATV?

MP4 and yes it airplays from iPod and vlc app.

I just don play from infuse. Almost like it the feature has been handicapped by infuse for not detecting internet connection

Can admin chime in ?

I need professional answers

If it’s just a fluke or a real problem I need to know before attempting to convert atv power to 12v and install in my car

What exactly are you seeing when attempting to AirPlay?

If the video loads, but appears to be paused you may try one of the tips here.

I have same problem. I bought Infuse and I’m disappointed. AirPlay had no bug before the latest updates, but now it’s horrible. Video can only be played with Wi-Fi connection, AirPlay does not work without an Internet connection. Additionally, some clips are played back for the last few seconds after finishing. The VLC player does not do this and AirPlay works without an Internet connection. Unfortunately, errors are in the latest version of 5.5.4

this procedure does not work.

Problems still persist on the iPhone. I installed to iPad 2017 with iOS 11 Infuse 4. AirPlay works well without Wi-Fi and everything else works without any errors. The problem is in the new version 5.5.4

Can you describe how you are attempting to activate AirPlay, and what happens? Can AirPlay be activated through Control Center?

I activate the airplay in the control center. Everything works. if ipad and apple tv are connected to wifi, video in infuse works. It only loads longer than in previous releases. However, if the wifi is not available, only the video preview opens, but it does not start. And after a while he returns to the library. I use it on my photographic talks, where there are not wifi. Additionally, the latest version of Infuse turns itself off when it runs on the video.

airplay without wifi still does not work. When Apple Tv and iPad are connected to the inernet, they are loading the video for a long time. After the end of the video, it will play for several seconds. I’ve tried several other players to find out where the bug is. Oplayer, 8player, VLC. They all work without any problems. just as Infuse 4 works well. But the current version is not.

Can you provide a bit more info on your setup and how you’re connecting to the Apple TV so we can try and replicate this here?

I put my settings to this and still don’t airplay to atv without live WiFi with real internet connection see picture

I don’t see why I shouldn’t be able to airplay videos stored in infuse To an Apple TV using office mode

Works with the native video app! Thanks any advice would be great

I have same settings as Dave. I used the same settings for version 4. Ios 11 and Tvos 11. Version 4 work without any problems.

Airplay not working for me either. I have turned off Dolby, no change. Apple TV shows a spinning wheel and then app dumps me back to the metadata card. Screen sharing and other video apps will AirPlay just fine on the same setup.

This on an iPad Pro 10.5 on iOS 11, InFuse Pro 5.5.5. There is a bug somewhere that needs fixing. Is it me or is this app buggier than it used to be?

If you have a moment to drop us a note from your device the next time this happens we’d be happy to look further into this.

This problem is still unsolved. Paid for the unlimited subscription, im seriously disappointed.
VLC works without a problem. Files transcoded by Plex in Version for iOS FullHD 12MBit and stored locally on iphone.
AirPlay only works when both AppleTv 4 and iPhone are connected to the same WiFi which has Internet Connection.
I connected both using a mobile hotspot without installed sim card - so WiFi without Internet Connection, connected Apple Tv and iphone to this hotspot, no success.
VLC just works.

The issue seems to be when your phone or iOS device and the Apple TV are on different subnets.

I have the same issue with the spinning wheel on the Apple TV, then the iphone reverting back to metadata. If they are both on different subnets, even though the devices can see each other, it won’t work. Connecting the iPhone WiFi to the same subnet helped in this regard.