Airplay not working

I installed the newest Seas0nPass and ATV black yesterday. My Airplay now no longer works for anything except You Tube videos. Does anyone else have this problem???  Any suggestions?? Thanks

Yes, same problem. Installed same firecore and seas0npass last week, AirPlay does not work except YouTube. I have sound going through but not video.

Have not found a fix but suspect I need to upgrade firecore, I think a new one just came out. L


I have beta 5 installed and my kids have not had any problems streaming anything to Apple TV2 using Airplay (as long as it’s being sent from an app that supports it). They’ve played Youtube, photo galleries, downloaded video etc. App developers need to set a flag to enable Airplay but some don’t (BBC iPlayer being a prominent example).

Me too. No AirPlay

I have the exact same problem. I have never had a problem with airplay before. All of a sudden I noticed that only the audio is playing from any video, except youtube.