Airplay not working with El Capitan, brekas ATV Black install

Since upgrading to El Capitan, I can no longer see Airplay devices with jailbroken/older firmware.

Since ATV Flash requires a jailbroken ATV 2 and Airplay and I use El Capitan, I can’t install it.

Also, any fixed coming to enable Airplay to work ? I hear that El Capitan and I suspect other OSX updates have enabled encryption which means it will not allow Airplay to an ATV 2 with ATV Flash installed.

Same problem here. No Airplay since using El Capitan and since about 3 weeks extremely slow loading of films bought via apple tv and untill now I found no possibility to step back and remove the jailbrake. Any ideas?

Same problem here. Only now detected after upgrading to El Capitan. As no more responses here I suppose still no solution found?

Hi there,

Just in case you haven’t solved your problem:

Per other discussions on this forum, 5.3 is the latest version for which Seasonpass is available and results in a stable atv2 (main problem reported for the beta 6.2.1 Seasonpass jailbreak seems to be Netflix crashing and the main drawback its untethered nature):

Good luck!