AirPlay not working well (latest version)

I just purchased the pro version with the idea that it would be great to have AirPlay from Infuse to stream from my NAS to older Apple TVs that my kids use. The app is great for bringing in meta data, browsing media and playing back directly on iPad, but has serious issues for AirPlay (which was a primary reason why I purchased the pro version).

The FREE Remote Files app works much smoother for AirPlay. Even when I have a low WIFi signal, it picks up and plays my videos via AirPlay very smoothly.

The same cannot be said for Infuse. First, files take way longer to start playback, and when trying to AirPlay, it only works when I have a much stronger WiFi signal. AirPlay doesn’t work at all in my kids’ rooms where the signal is not as strong (from the exact same place, the Remote Files app works great). This is hugely disappointing since I was hoping to switch everyone in my house to using Infuse.

Infuse has a great interface for media (way better than Remote Files app), but with the performance I am experiencing with playback via AirPlay, it’s a complete no go at the moment. I am really hoping the app can be adjusted to work as good as Remote Files for AirPlay playback.

What is the application Remote Files exactly this, please? Reference may be made to the application?

Remote File Manager Free:


Sorry about that. We’re looking into a few cases where issues like this can occur with low Wi-Fi signals.

A number of improvements will be available in the upcoming 4.1 update.

Good to know – looking forward to the update. Is there expected timing for when it will be available?

Huff3566: Remote File Manager (full) It is now free today ! :slight_smile: