Airplay no video only sound with 4k/UHD mkv files


I have infuse pro 6 on my 2019 iPad Pro 512 GB and it doesn’t matter if I use my apple tv 4k or just my Samsung Q9 series with airplay 2 I don’t have video (only sound) when I airplay 4k/UHD mkv files. With regular 1080p files I have no problems at all.
If I use my my 2019 MacBook Pro with an external HDD with VLC I have video in both cases with my apple tv or by using airplay 2 on my Samsung TV.

Many thanks for your help!

Lots of other people have posted this too. Airplay does not support HDR. The reason it works from your laptop is it isn’t airplaying the video but rather doing a full screen mirror.

Thank you Jarvis!
Does it work if I use my Infuse app on my Apple TV with a NAS server?

Yes it will.

Thank you very much!

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