Airplay No Subtitle Showing

Hi!, first of all incredible upgrade!!

I have a mkv with subtitle when I see it on the ipad o via HDMI cable I can see the subtitles but when I Airplay I cannot!

Looking foward for this bug and SMB!!



I have the same problem with MKV an M4V files. AirPlay to my jail broken AppleTV 2 from my iPad will not show any subtitles, either internal in the file or downloaded. Using the InFuse app in the AppleTV 2 will display the subtitles OK.

Subtitles over AirPlay is not yet supported, but this feature is coming in Infuse 1.3.1, which is due out in about 2 weeks.

Ok! Perfect, looping foward for This and SMB


Thanks. I’ll watch for it.

An early teaser.


I have purchase infuse 1.5 from app store, still can’t get subtitle working on airplay. Iphone 4 ios7.2, apple tv 2 software 5.0.2 (4250) os 5.1.1 (9B830). Help me

Sending subtitles over AirPlay will actually require an Apple TV that is running 5.1 (iOS 6) or later.

I Never upgrade manualy my atv since 5.0.2, but last time i got my ATV goes to blank, and the I try to jailbreak with seas0npass and its upgrade to 5.3 tethered. Fortunely i still have 5.0.2 shsh and i can downgrade again.

Any advice for me?

Can I upgrade to 5.2 unthetered without have shsh?

Unfortunately not.   You cannot switch to a release Apple is no longer signing unless you already have shsh blobs for that release on your device.

Hahaha… I check again my atv shsh from cydia server. There is 5.1 shsh with valid apticket, now my atv running smooth streaming subtitle from infuse,
Thx for your support guys, infuse is great application. :slight_smile:

Yay! :) 


James, can you ask the devs what drives this requirement? I ask for 2 reasons:

  1. I have JB’d ATV2 5.0.2 (iOS 5.1.1) and do not want to move further, because more recent JBs are tethered and quite frankly, everything is working nicely (for about a year now) and the upgrade to get here was a pain! (I hate customers like me who balk at moving to the latest release 0:) )

  2. VLC Streamer does not seem to have this limitation. After Handbraking “World War Z” with in ATV2 profile with the 2nd English Subtitle track (track5?) which is non-English parts only - I played chapter 9 of the file from both VLC Streamer and the latest Infuse. VLC Streamer handled the Subtitle track fine! Granted VLC Streamer requires a server/converter be run and doesn’t convert the file on-the-fly on-the-iDevice … but the VLC Streamer subs did not look burned-in to the video track.

Please get the devs to step-up and make subs work on ATV2 5.0.2 so we don’t have to go to tethered boots! They’re smart guys … I’m sure they can do it!

If you are using ATV Flash, have you checked that you do not have shsh blobs for releases later than the one you have installed?  If you have used the ATV Flash firmware signature backup feature under the Maintenance app you may have blobls later than the one you have installed that were backed up at the time Apple was signing a release.    I mention that as the jailbreaks for 5.1, 5.1.1 and 5.2 are also untethered.

Oops … I hadn’t checked the Apple Version Info topic since my week-of-hell back in February.

which now shows the latest untethered to be:

5.2 (iOS 6.1 - 10B144b) - untethered

In Feb, through various attempts of Tiny Umbrella, iFaith, iReb, and Seas0nPass, I finally recovered to 5.0.2 (iOS 5.1.1) after my wife did an accidental upgrade to 5.2 (iOS 6.1).

In addition to the scars, it looks like iFaith and Tiny Unbrella left me with some 5.2 blobs. I really dread going through this whole exercise again when things have been working so smoothly.

We’re now hooked on Media Player – and only launch XBMC (frodo) to play torrents that are split into .RARs or an occasional .ISO

Does Infuse support .RARs ?  .ISOs ?

What regressions from Media Player does Infuse still suffer from?

If I destabilize the setup, my wife’s gonna kill me.

Bump +1

Does Infuse on ATV2 support .RARs ? .ISOs ?

It definitely supports .iso files.   If the .iso file is an image of a DVD it will also show the menus etc off the DVD.

I do not know about RAR files - I do not have any media in that format.  Since media files are already compresseed I have never seen a need for such files.

thanks (I used to have all my movie collection in ISOs until it filled my 2 TB space. this whole conundrum is caused by transcoding to get a 4x space saving).

As for RARs, it’s used to split the files, not for compression. Not sure what the current purpose of that is, but years ago it used to spread pieces of large binaries across the net – often by sticking them on unsuspecting user’s anonymous FTP servers – and then sharing a map of which servers to visit to collect the pieces. I don’t know if it’s currently used for USENET “binary newgroups” (wikipedia can tell you about those).

Anyway, lack of RAR support is not a show-stopper. Inability to deal with vobsub subtitle track in a mp4 (.m4v) container IS a show-stopper.

Hello guys,

im running the Infuse 2.2.2 and have installed the latest OS on my ATV (not jailbroken) but still cant see the subs.

any help please?