AirPlay Mirroring on Apple TV 1st Gen with ATVflash and Remote HD


I’m considering getting ATVflash + remote hd in order to use AirPlay Mirroiring from my iPhone 4s onto my Apple TV1. Is this possible?


Unfortunately mirroring is not currently supported. Sorry.


Just wondering… : would it be possible to do this using airserver, given that 1st atv runs a modified macOS version? 




as I am a novice, does this mean that I bought firecore for nothing? I can only stream photos from my ios devices?

I found this on youtube which says, yes you can 



This is what was going to get me to purchase?

It doens’t say you can MIRROR your screen it only says you can use AirPlay. It isn’t even possible that a video from jan 2011 describe a function that is announced in june 2011 (by SJ) and not released till fall 2011. 

You can stream videos from apps like YouTube and if your really want to AirPlay all videos you can always jailbreak your iOS device and install AirVideoEnabler on it. however only videos can be airplayed not the actual screen of a random iOS app or the homescreen therefore you need the 2nd gen apple tv

Is mirroring supported now? I have Seas0nPass installed, ATVFlsh installed on my Apple TV (2nd genereation black), but its not showing up on any of my devices when I attempt to screen mirror from my iPhone 7