AirPlay & Mirroring is broken

After the latest upgrade to ATV 2nd Gen (Black) and iOS 9.0.2, the AirPlay is not working on various apps (YouTube, Browser, etc.) My iPad sees the AppleTV (icon looks like an Audio AirPlay, almost like an iPod icon) and I can select it, but the video doesn’t display. Strangely, the Audio goes through and presents itself as an “Internet Radio” as the AppleTV’s screen switches to Music mode with no title or album art, while the video is still playing on the iPad. But no video on AppleTV.

Also when I select the AppleTV, the “Mirroring” option is missing.

Both these options were available prior to the last update of ATV and/or iOS 9.0.2

** Update: Resetting AppleTV to its original factory setting (without ATV Flash), the problem went away. iPad sees the AppleTV, can AirPlay to it and Mirroring option is available and functioning.

This is an issue where Apple made changes to AirPlay in iOS 9 that broke it working with anything except the latest firmware. Since there is no jailbreak for the latest firmware that means you now have to choose between AirPlay support for iOS 9 devices and having a jailbroken ATV that can run inFuse or similar apps.

Ouch! Really hope this gets fixed on the apple side

I do not see this happening. There is no problem if you are on the latest firmware on the ATV2 so Apple has no incentive to do anything as does not consider AirPlay to be broken. You only have the problem on the ATV2 if you want it to be jailbroken running an old firmware release…

Of course the issue would disappear if a jailbreak ever appeared for the latest firmware, but again this appears unlikely.

Personally I have put my own ATV2’s back to standard firmware as the Airplay functionality is more important to me than inFuse running on the ATV2. My workaround at the moment is to play video via AirPlay from an iPad and audio via “File Browser” on the iPad. This does not solve playing .iso files via the infuse version of iPad but I do not have many of those (and other iOS media players such a nPlayer can handle them), and .iso support has been promised as a feature that will be added to the iOS version of inFuse. I expect my longer term solution to become inFuse running on an ATV4 as that will not require a jailbreak so can keep up with Apple firmware upgrades.

I have the same problem, of course, as everyone on 9.0.2 and right now i am regretting my 29 purchase for the second time.
Especially because i can not stream movies through InFuse on the iPhone anymore.
So we got two products not working here.
I guess i am going back to the latest firmware as that one allows me to stream movies through the iphone to the Apple Tv AND allows me to use YouTube as well.
The problem with the YouTube app on the Apple TV is that it is extremely rudimentary and does not support live channels and such.
I know its not FireCore’s fault, but a big warning about iOS 9 on the front page would be a good idea.