Airplay logo doesn't show up


I’m using my iPhone 6 and Infuse Pro 4.3.5 to Airplay video from a USB drive plugged to my Airport Extreme, to an Apple TV3.
For the most part it works great.
But sometimes the Airplay logo doesn’t appear and I have to reboot my phone.
Ain’t nobody got time for that!!

It’s a small problem, but annoying nonetheless.
Anybody else having this problem? Where you able to fix it? How?


Which version of iOS are you using?

iOS 10.1.1

Disabling WiFi and enabling it again, doesn’t correct it.
Nor does completely closing Infuse (swipe it up) and disabling WiFi, and then trying again.
So far only rebooting has worked for me.

It’s happening way less than before. It has actually only happened once, since making this thread.
I’ve attached screenshots. More as proof, than anything else. They don’t solve the problem.

But, I do have one observation to add this time. I updated the firmware on my Airport Extreme.
Infuse found all the media just fine after the update.
But I had to reboot the phone to get the airplay function to work (see screenshots).

*So I have half a theory… if that’s a thing…?
If the “source” (my airport extreme) is turned off and then on again at a later time, it can sometimes cause something to happen with Infuse.
Although, - yesterday it happened again, and the Airport Extreme had not been turned off.

Youtube can still airplay, when Infuse can’t. So I don’t think it’s the phone or the router (Airport Extreme)?

I hope this is useful.

*my theory was debunked after I tried replicating it, and then the error happened “out of the blue” the other day.

When the AirPlay icon is missing in Infuse, are you able to activate AirPlay through Control Center?

I haven’t looked at the control center. I’ll remember that for next time.
But if it’s related in some way. I was able to go to youtube and airplay something and then go back to infuse, but still no airplay.
I though maybe youtube would provoke some sort function. It didn’t.