Airplay lag?

Is it just me, or does the Infuse app (beta) not support Airplay for audio? Many other apps do, such as Netflix. If you turn it on via system settings, there a massive lag. Does anyone know anymore on this?

Hi, I have the sme issue, even with the newest version of Infuse.
Does anyone tried to fix it? I think it’s a big issue since I payed the pro version…

This is not related to the tvOS version of Infuse, you probably should post this in the iOS part.

I also have the same issue. In fact, I cannot play any video with my airplay audio turned on (sending audio to airport express with speakers plugged in). Everything plays fine if I turn off the airplay audio. This is really a bit of a showstopper. Posted on several other threads about this around a week ago and still no official comment. An acknowledgement and resolution timeline would be very appreciated.

I had the same problem using Airport Express with APTV4. Decided to replace it with Logitech bluetooth reciever. No lag everything works flawlessly plus it freed up some of the wifi traffic! With iphone and ipd I use aptv for aireplay. Works great. Tv doesn’t have to be on!

Concerning the tvOS app, AirPlay is not yet supported at all when playing movies. I think it’s a known issue.

Everything on my Apple TV 4 works fine over Airplay. No delay. Only in infuse 4. So this is a known problem? Any word on an update? A real dealbreaker for me too.

Per James:

Support fix for Airplay delay will NOT be in 4.0.2 release. “On the roadmap.”

Obviously, they don’t think this is a significant bug. This has been “on the roadmap” since mid December or earlier. Guess not enough users have complained.

this is a big deal for me too

What does “On the roadmap” even mean? 1 month? 6 months?

Firecore has answered: …Barring any complications, it should be resolved in the next update for Apple TV.

See Comments in 4.0.2 Sticky. (47 & 48)

We’re working to include this in the 4.0.3 update, and would love to get some real world feedback before releasing it on the store.

If any of you would like to try an early beta (likely within the next week) please drop me a quick PM.


Hey James,

Any way you could write a list of expected changes to 4.0.3? We all promise to behave like adults! :wink: