Airplay ios 9

That’s something like! Ios 9 just won’t airplay any video to jailbroken atv2. Now I have only audio option

Same here

Firecore promises that “The normal Apple TV features will remain intact and unchanged”…

I just wonder if they couldn’t test the new airplay protocol with ios 9 beta?

The same problem. The problem is explained here:

I want to know if Firecore will fix it! I not, I will buy a Chromecast.

It only shows that this was known problem. For firecore too

Same here

Not sure why people are seemingly pointing the finger at Firecore. This is something Apple sneakily implemented with their new iOS 9 AirPlay encryption (from my understanding). Now they are forcing us to choose between no AirPlay (video) or boring stock ATV OS with no Kodi features.

I think, if nothing happens, everyone sooner or later (including me) will eliminate infuse