AirPlay HEVC (h.265)

Not sure if it is technically possible, to AirPlay x265, but it is an emerging problem.

Might have to transcode first within the application before airplaying h265/x265 files.

H266 is just around the corner.


So, I was facing an issue that I couldn’t cast my movies in h265 from the iPhone to a Samsung TV. The H264 movies worked fine. Then I discovered that h265 doesn’t seems to work with Airplay… humm really?

Instead of casting the content through the Infuse app, I decided to mirror the phone to the TV, but for my surprise, the Infuse app actually started casting just like any other video. See, it was not “mirroring” anymore, it was casting a H265 video. I am not sure if other people face this problem, but maybe there is a workaround to develop this feature for Infuse.

Hey @james , have you seen this? H265 casting could be a feature for 8.0 if you find a way to code this workaround natively on the app.