Airplay from infuse - no video

I tried to airplay to my Apple TV 4 from my iPad Pro via Infuse and only got audio. Is this an iOS 13 bug?

Airplay doesn’t support hevc videos. What format is the video?

When you airplay a video from ios photos library to ATV it is actually doing a realtime re-encode to h264 to do airplay.

I’m having the exact same issue with the exact same hardware as the OP. Both devices are OS versions 13.3 with latest build of Infuse Pro 6. Can’t AirPlay video (only audio) through Infuse app. Other apps operate as expected using AirPlay. Have rebooted both devices. File is MKV and plays fine on iPad.

Was this situation ever resolved?

Please post details of the file using mediainfo to help debug. As mentioned before you cannot airplay an hevc video which can be inside a mkv

Good point. OK, it was originally a DVD-video re-encoded as Matroska in a MKV container using MakeMKV. Mediainfo output attached.

nightmuseum.mkv_.text_.txt (9.07 KB)

The video format is unsupported. You’ll need to re-encode your video for h264.

Okay thanks. It’s MPEG-2 video which should be fine. Can you airplay video from other apps? Did you try restarting infuse?

My bad. I would have thought it would be considering it is such an old format, but I tested a video and I guess not…so is it just h264?

Yep just h264.

Oh, OK. I couldn’t find technical specs for AirPlay requirements. Apple TV (4) is capable of H264, HEVC, and MPEG-4 apparently. But you’re saying AirPlay only supports H264?

From my experience yes. Anything outside h264 will result in a black screen. This includes h265, VC-1, DivX, etc.

Good to know. Thank you! I figured if it played on iPad it should be good to AirPlay, but I guess not. I’ll try transcoding and give it a whirl. I would not have thought of that on my own!

Havning the same problem. Devs of Infuse - Couldn’t you just make Infuse request h.264 from the server when airplaying? Airplaying from the official Plex app solves this perfectly?

Plex transcodes infuse does not. If you have a server and an Apple TV why would you airplay and not just use the app directly on the Apple TV?

It’s for my parents that’s having remote access to the server. They airplay from an iPad to their Apple TV 3. So installing apps is not possible. If airplay is supported by infuse and airplay only supports h264 why wouldn’t infuse just behave like Plex app ask the server for h264 in that particular scenario? It doesn’t make sense.

That’s not how infuse works. Transcoding is done by the server. The plex app has this built in. If you go to the suggestions forum you can see the roadmap of upcoming features and transcoding is on there but I wouldn’t expect it to come out for a while.

because this is how i want to use Infuse. Else I’d have little use for it. Plex does lots of stuff you don’t realize. Infuse needs to be more specific about what types of files are supported rather than ‘claim’ it supports a dozen formats. Misleading IMO.

Just in case, that anybody is still wondering about this “issue”: the workaround is simple, just mirror the iPhone to the Apple TV. Then the realtime encoding is done on the phone and video and audio are transported to the TV.

This works for some of my videos to get around the problem others they won’t even load….it’s black screen that goes from 1 sec to 2 secs and it’s repeating it over and over.