AirPlay from Apple TV to Sonos not working

Hi all,

I have an issue with Infuse.
Audio streaming from Apple TV to sonos one works very well from a lot of App.
But with Infuse, it works the first time and then the audio is played from the TV.
If I switch to the music app, airplay still works.
I tried to modify audio settings from the Apple TV from auto to Dolby 5.1 or stereo, same issue.
I tried to modified Infuse audio setting to passthrough, same issue.
Only way is to restart the Apple TV but it works only at the first use of Infuse.

Any idea?

Welcome to the forum!

Have you had a chance to install the new 5.9 update, which was released earlier today?

It seems to work now!
Thank you!

Great! :slight_smile:

5.9 does include an all-new AirPlay integration, which is much more robust.

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