Airplay doesn't work w/ infuse 3

Airplay never really worked with Infuse 2 (video would often not start, and you’d have to skip a head before it would actually start to play), but it is completely unusual with Infuse 3 (on Apple TV 3, latest firmware). I’ve tried streaming from my NAS box to the TV and it would just give me an error “An error occurred loading this content. Try again later.” On the Airplay app itself, it would just be stuck spinning after which it would either stop playing and revert back to the list of videos or it would just crash the app.

Is it so hard to make airplay work with infuse? I use Beamer to stream content from my Mac to the Apple TV and it almost always work, quick, fast and reliably.

almost the same here.

Sometimes the files are loaded to the TV but when i hit pause to search for a subtitle, i got an infinite spinning ball. =/

My files are located in a NAS, connected by cable to an airport extreme. I’ve tried both 2.4 and 5Ghz wifi on iPad, iPhone, ATV2 and ATV3.

Infuse 3 pro doesn,t work with AirPlay through NAS. WHEN i try, AirPlay says an error ocurred, pelase try again later

Sometimes, if the Apple TV is unable to detect what type of device is connected (AV receiver, TV, etc…) AirPlay will start but appear paused.

A workaround for this is to disable ‘Dolby over AirPlay’ when playing a video.

A few suggestions for AirPlay can be found at the link below.

I don’t have this option in my infuse 3 pro for iPad. When Im playing a video, and press sound options, I only have audio tracks, but not dolby digital over AirPlay option. Where is it?

Yes, I know about this Infuse bug, and that used to be the fix for Infuse 2, but with Infuse 3, disabling “Dolby over Airplay” doesn’t fix the problem and the issue happens even with files that don’t have Dolby!

I must say, I am getting quite a few “An error occured loading this content. (Close button) (OK button)”. If I repeat the playing process, and not change anything it may happen another 2-3 times, before it starts playing. Sometimes if I force AirPlay back to iPad, and then back to Apple TV it can get things moving quicker.

This happens sometimes on large files (> 10GB) while streaming SMB. In somecases if you pause a video (e.g. at 20 mins), and then pause again at 40 mins for some time, the video can jump back to the 20 minute position, while in AirPlay.

Still some improvements to be made and iron out these small issues.