Airplay - casting (Broadcasting subtitle via tv )

For example, when playing a movie from Infuse via AirPlay. . We want him to use and coordinate the Inview subtitles as they are on the iPhone, and not use and coordinate the TV subtitles

airplay str edge style infues in airplay

Likewise for Android TV

Cast srt edgy style infues

After searching for Airplay frequencies and programming it through Apple, they allow it … but many companies did not think about it

Likewise, after researching broadcast transmission programming, they allow the transfer of subtitle frequencies in the format of the application used … But many companies did not do that.

Somehow it sounds like a bad idea to me.
Why would you stream your movie over Airplay?
Why don’t you use the ATV App of Infuse?
Airplay results under all circumstances in loss of quality.
Or have I misunderstood something?
What have I overlooked?

Not everybody has an Apple TV, and perhaps they airplay in different locations

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