AirPlay Broken in 6.2.7?

It seems like AirPlay broke.
Can’t stream from iPad to Apple Tv, looks like it’s buffering and then kicks me out.
Ordinary mkv files that has been streamed before. Managed to stream an old avi, but only sound.

Whats up with this?

Sorry for the trouble.

We have your report here, and are looking further into this.

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Got an mp4 to AirPlay no problems.
Tried that disable/enable dolby thing I found, but no luck.

We’ve looked into this a bit.

Are both devices connected to the same Wi-Fi network?

For a bit of background, the Apple supports AirPlay using a Wi-Fi network (of course) as well something called Peer-to-peer AirPlay. P2P AirPlay is handy since it doesn’t require the devices to be on the same Wi-Fi network, but it’s much more limited in its capabilities compared to normal AirPlay. If you are using Peer-to-peer AirPlay, then it may be the reason why MP4 files will play but others will not.

I’ll try using the same wifi and get back to you.